SkyCourt's Data Use Policy

This document is aimed at both the club management staff and the club members. We at SkyCourt Fitness want you to understand what personal data we collect from club members and how that data is being used and stored in our SkyCourt system.

Our data collection starts when a club administrator adds a member to their instance of SkyCourt. The very first piece of information we collect is a member's name and their email address. We require the member's email address because it is used as the unique indentificaton for the club member. If the club member wants to keep that email address private, we allow the club member to do that. We have a built in messaging system that facilitates member to member communication without sharing of email addresses.

Once a member's name and address have been added to our system, a user's account has been created. The club adminsitrators can add or edit member information. The club member then logs into SkyCourt. The moment that the club member finishs registration, the profile details of member are no longer editable by the club adminstration. At that point, the club member's data becomes controllable by the club member and nobody else. Here are some pieces of information that can be collected by SkyCourt:

  • Name (mandatory)
  • Email Address (mandatory)
  • About me description (optional)
  • Birth date (optional)
  • Gender (optional)
  • Handedness in sports (optional)
  • Mobile phone (optional)
  • Other phone (optional)

If the club member is not comfortable entering the optional information, we recommend not entering that information. Further, under the communcation preferences section of the member's profile page, there are options for who to share the member's email and phone numbers with. The choices can be:

  • Only club employees
    • this is the default in most clubs. This limits sharing of the member's email address and phone numbers to employees of the club to help facilitate communication between the club and members
  • Only members of your clubs and leagues
    • This opens up sharing of club member's email address and phone numbers to other members of the same club the club member belongs to (a club member may belong to multiple clubs).
    • Also, some leagues include participation of multiple clubs. If the club member participates in those leagues and selects this option, then every member of that league will be able to view the club member's email address and phone number to allow for better communication amongst league members
    • This may be the default for some clubs who have adopted an opt-out policy within their club
  • All members of SkyCourt, including those from other clubs
    • As described below, there is a page that shows sports statistics for the club member. If members from another club can get to that page, (because they have participated in a multi-club league or tournament with the club member), then they will be abel to see the club member's email and phone number.
    • This is never the default when new club members are added to SkyCourt, this is definitley an opt-in option.

Why do we collect this information and how is it used? The information collected within SkyCourt is only ever used within SkyCourt to help the system run smoothly. SkyCourt Fitness never provides this information to any other entity, unless we are required to by law (which we haven't yet found a need to do). Let's look at each of the club member's pieces of information in turn:

  • Email address
    • As stated, this is used as the unique identifier for the club member. They use this to log into the system
    • SkyCourt sends out a number of different types of email, for instance, when a score has been entered that involves the club member, or when a court has been booked that involves the club member.
    • These SkyCourt generated emails can be disabled, but we highly recommend that the club member not disable them. If tthey are disabled the club member may miss important information about the leagues the member is participating in
  • Name
    • The club member name will appear in many parts of SkyCourt
    • Most leagues will have some sort of ranking or position. This will display the club member's name in those ranking or position lists
    • If the club enables SkyCourt's rating system, then the club will have a page that displays the stack ranked list of members who have been rated. This will display the member's name in that list.
    • There are other areas wherever a club member has decided to participate.
  • About Me, Gender, Handedness, Mobile phone and Other phone
    • There is a page called the Opponent Page that can be populated with information about the club member.
    • The purpose of this page is to provide the logged in user a sense of the skill level of the club member as a potential opponent.
    • On this page will be displayed the club member's about me description, the member's gender,  and handedness.
    • Also, if the member has entered a birth date, then an age category will also be displayed
    • If any of this information has not been entered in the club member's profile, then the information will be omitted on the page.
    • The mobile phone and other phone will be conditionally displayed based on who is looking at the page and the sharing options the club member has selected.

As other features are added to SkyCourt there may be other areas of the application that display the club member's information. The display of the information will always be done in order to allow the club run activities to run smoother. For instance, SkyCourt shares the user's gender or age category to allow other members of similar age or gender to decide if they want to challenge the club member to a game and as a result potentially find a good rival to continue playing with.

Age and Gender will also be used (in the future) to restrict leagues to certain classes of players. For instance, a club may decide to run a woman's only league, or a junior's league. If the member enters this information, then the system can verify their eligability into these leagues.


Once a club is using SkyCourt, they have the ability to send announcement or marketing type email to the members of SkyCourt that belong to their club. The club member can choose to disable these emails for their account under the Communication Preferences section of their profile. If the club member fills out information such as gender or age, then the club can use that information to ensure the announcement emails are sent to the appropriate people. For instance, if the club is starting a women's league, the club may choose to only send that announcement to the people who have indentified that they are female. The members who have not specified gender will also receive that email, but the people who have specified they are male will not recieve the email.


In the future SkyCourt may inject advertising into the emails that are sent. These emails may use the information from the club member's profile to select the types of ads to display. This information will not be shared with the advertiser on an individual basis, it will be controlled by the SkyCourt software at the time the email is generated. The personal information of any club member will stay within the SkyCourt system and not leave the SkyCourt system for the purpose of selecting advertising.

Whew, that was a lot to cover. We want to make sure that you understand why we are collecting certain data and how we are using that data. If you have any questions you can always contact

Thank you

SkyCourt Fitness Inc.